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Need Help Organizing Your College Essays?

From time to time we highlight apps and websites that can help students and families with college funding and the application process. We came across Zoomita and reached out to its founder, Alex Thaler, to help explain how Zoomita can help students keep themselves organized while writing college essays for applications.


Zoomita is a free site that collects all of the application essay prompts and delivers them to students, lickety-split. It also allows students to write their essays in the app, which automatically organizes all drafts without ever having to create a file or folder. Students can share drafts with whomever they like.

Here’s how it works:

1. Create a college list. Zoomita will count the number of required and optional essays for each college. It will also calculate the total number of required essays, accounting for the fact that multiple colleges may require the same essay.

1.zoomita dashboard



2. Get all the prompts by clicking the EssayGraph button. This will save you loads of time.


3. cornell essays


3. Browse essay requirements by school. Zoomita tracks requirements for all of the applications accepted by each school (sometimes the essays are different) and clearly tags each essay as required, optional, or sometimes required.

2.essaygraph summary report



4.Click on an essay to start working on it. No need to create a new folder or file. The prompt, word count limit, and deadline are right there at the top.

5. all essay drafts organized in a feed



5. All of your drafts are saved in a row with the most recent one on top. You can invite anyone to review a draft.


6. If you need some essay inspiration, Zoomita has a free ebook you can download from the dashboard. Includes introductions by Deans of Admission at UC Berkeley and University of Pennsylvania as well as 10 sample essays.


Need Help Organizing Your College Essays?

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